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Photographs and Videos

Celebrating Football Through Photographs and Video

Recommended Guidelines

There has been much talk about who is allowed to take If you are concerned about the inappropriate use of images please report this to your Association Welfare Officer or to The ESFA National Welfare Officer (contact details provided below).


  • It’s not an offence to take appropriate photographs in a public place even if asked not to do so
  • No one has the right to decide who can and cannot take images on public land
  • If you have serious concerns about a possible child protection issue relating to the recording of images, then call the Police. This action should only be taken where you believe that someone may be acting unlawfully or putting a child at risk
  • The land or facility owner (for example the school or local council) can decide whether or not photography and or videoing at football activities will be permitted when carried out on private land. However you need to make this known before allowing individuals access to the private property. If they do not comply then you may request that they leave
  • Try not to use images that include individuals wearing jewellery (as wearing jewellery whilst playing is contrary to the Laws of the Game as well as being a health and safety issue).

Commissioning professional photographers and the local media

If you are commissioning professional photographers or inviting the press to cover a football activity, ensure you and they are clear about each other’s expectations. The key is to plan ahead and communicate early on:

  • Provide a clear brief about what is considered appropriate in terms of content and behaviour
  • Inform them of your Association’s commitment to safeguarding children and young people. Establish who will hold the recorded images and what they intend to do with them, e.g. place on a website for sale, distribute thumb nails to the club to co-ordinate sales
  • Issue the professional photographer with identification, which must be worn at all times
  • Inform participants and parents or carers prior to the event that a professional photographer will be in attendance and ensure you have established that no under 18s will be compromised due to safeguarding children concerns if their image is taken – remember this can be done by using a Consent Form at the start of the season.

To report potentially unlawful materials on the internet contact:

The Internet Watch Foundation, Email: Tel: 01223 237700

Or contact your local police.

You can contact your National Welfare Officersby email or telephone:

Sarah DaCosta tel 07960 500723

Martin Duffield tel 07852 276416